D51 Foundation raises thousands of dollars from fundraiser

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Five schools in District 51 have added Chromebooks to their traditional textbooks.

The D51 Foundation says they raised enough money last year to share 150 new laptops between multiple schools.

It’s all made possible by their annual fundraiser which happened over the weekend.

The 6th annual fundraiser managed to raise more than $52,000 just in sponsorships.

They say that's almost double than last year and they still need to add the totals from tickets sales.

"We give out carts and carts of Chromebooks,” said the Executive Director for the D51 Foundation, Angela Christensen.

Over 100 Chromebook laptops were introduced into five schools in D51.

"I'd say I have them in class about once a week, other teacher’s maybe twice a week and some teachers maybe once or twice a month,” said Central High School math teacher, Josh King.

By having millions of sources all in one location, with a click of a mouse.

"There's a lot of really cool stuff that exists outside these walls so to be able to access it is huge as we keep developing our learners and so having the Chromebooks helps us do that,” said King.

The D51 Foundation raised over $52,000, this money goes towards two things.

"One is technology for students and the second is professional learning for our teachers,” said Christensen.

For Central High School, they have one cart of 30 Chromebooks, shared with the entire school.

"We keep them in a centralized location and then different teachers can use them for different classes depending on what they need, they kind of sign them in and out and there's a calendar on there so that we know where they are at and when people need them,” said King.

Teachers say, as technology grows, students need to grow with it.

"To have practice with them now and be comfortable using various types of technology will make them more prepared for whatever future they jump into,” said King.

The D51 Foundation is a non-profit that is completely independently operated from the school district.

They say they operate on donations and don't benefit from funding boosts like the ones from the passage of measures 3-A and 3-B last fall.

Their next fundraiser will be in April, where they will be selling paper dolls to students who can write messages of appreciation on them for their favorite teachers.

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