Students creating tiny 3D printed houses

FRUITVALE, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Teachers in School District 51 say math can be a tricky subject to grasp, especially when equations become longer and concepts are harder to figure out.

That's why Michael Carroll at Grand Mesa Middle School decided to make his math lessons more visual by building tiny houses.

His students are learning about composite figures and 3D objects.

House blueprints are designed on paper and online and once that's done all they have to do is hit print and their tiny houses become a reality.

"That actually helps me visualize how a real house would turn out,” said 6th grade student at Grand Mesa Middle School, Ean McDonald.

It all started as a big project.

“They were given an 8 by ten cargo container,” said 6th grade math teacher, Michael Carroll.

Designing tiny houses, to fit into the palm of your hand.

"We had convert from inches to millimeters, converting was a little hard but you got the hang of it after,” said 6th grader, Jayde Golightly.

Students are creating and 3D printing their dream homes, as part of the D51 learning model.

"Math is particularly difficult for some students to memorize or just manipulate equations so when they get to experience kinesthetic approach or hands on approach to it they can visualize and see the equations working,” said Carroll.

Including all the things you'd expect in a real house.

"In my bedroom I have a closet, and I have the other bedroom which would be like a kid's bedroom, then the closet would be to store their clothes or shoes, then we have a living groom which is a composite figure,” said Golightly.

Adding up how much everything would cost.

"We got to choose between carpet, tile or hardwood floor,” said Golightly.

Using an online program called Tinkercad, in Carroll’s sixth grade math class

"I wanted to be a math teacher because I truly have struggled with math and I feel like I can help students get over that,” said Carroll.

"He's actually is one of my favorite teachers because what we were doing he lets us go at our own pace, especially this we have a lot of freedom,” said McDonald.

Students will be displaying their finished projects at their student led conference next week, that way their parents can check out what they have been learning in class all semester.

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