Historic blue house in Grand Junction to be torn down

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Plans are moving forward to tear down a house that holds a lot of history in the Grand Valley.

It's a blue house near St. Mary's Hospital on Patterson Road in Grand Junction.

The home used to belong to Walter Walker, a well-known name in the Grand Valley. He founded many things including the Daily Sentinel newspaper.

"Everybody that goes by [the house] kind of treats it with a little bit of reverence because it's part of our history of the valley," said Paul Anthony, of Grand Junction.

While it's famous, the house has sat empty for years.

"As far as I can remember, there's been a white picket fence around it, and it's been empty," said Anthony.

Grand Junction Well Aged Pacific plans to put in a 48-unit assisted living and memory care center on the two-acre site.

The house is in pretty bad shape, sustaining a flood years ago and home to squatters. A Robin's Nest, a local antique shop and the developer are trying to salvage what they can.

"We basically are trying to save as much of the history of the house as we can since they're probably just going to demolish the house," said Shane Allerheiligen with A Robins Nest.

They've been able to salvage about 40 windows and some heating fixtures.

"They just don't make things like that anymore," said Allerheiligen.

Anthony said the company thought about moving it, but the entire house wasn't salvageable. It's littered with trash and falling apart.

The plot is at the busy intersection of Patterson Road and 7th Street, but it's also part of a neighborhood and some residents aren't happy about the development.

“We do believe it should be developed, but the way and what they’re developing it for is not a good idea,” said Troy Gorman. "Any kind of low impact commercial would be better."

Gorman said he's afraid the traffic will congest his neighborhood and make the quiet street loud.

“If they made this 20 beds, that would be perfect. But it’s going to be huge. It’s just going to be a very big traffic problem,” said Gorman.

The facility will break ground on March 10. As for Walker Walter, his legacy will live on in other places.

"I'm sure he would be very happy to know that his old house once it's torn down is going to be the sight of a senior center," said Anthony.

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