Residents say 24 Road and H Road intersection is dangerous

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GRAND JUNCTION, CO (KKCO/KJCT) -- Residents that live near 24 Road and H Road say the intersection is dangerous after a crash on Sunday.
"All I heard was just a big pop, and I looked out and I saw the Mini Cooper basically underneath the Jeep pushing underneath a pole," Rex Clemons, a man who lives at the intersection said.
People who know the area say, the crash didn't surprise them.
"I mean my whole family has grown up in this area for a long time and we've seen tons of accidents here," Clemons said. "It's a regular thing."
And they don't think it will be the last -- unless something is done.
"I've seen quite a few accidents here," Clemons said.
The City of Grand Junction declined comment on Monday, saying they would need more time to discuss the intersection.
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