Fairgrounds hosts zippity do dogs agility dog show

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Most dogs naturally have a need for speed, but at the Zippity Do Dogs Agility Dog Show, it was the obstacle course that got the fur really flying.

"They have to be trained to do them all consistently, in the order that the handler, which is the owner of the dogs, tells them to do," said Trainer and Owner of K9 Powersports, Geoff Teare.

Racing against the clock, both the dog and the owner have to work together.

"So they have to be able to detect which one, from the handler's directions which obstacle they are supposed to take," Teare said.

It's not just the dogs doing all the work. Keeping up with them is the hard part.

"You have to run with your dog to tell them where to go," said Member of Zippity Do Dogs Club, Lynette Randleman.

It's something that takes some skill.

"As the dog gets off of those contacts, they have to land in the yellow, a toenail or a paw," Randleman said.

And its much more than just a race.

"Instead of just walking your dog, I mean its just gives you something, it gives you a purpose. And dogs need a purpose, and so do people," Randleman said.

Its a purpose that takes time to hone those skills.

"Usually probably at least eight months to a year's worth of training before they are ready to enter a trial," Teare said.

In the end, there's a reason why dogs are man's, and women's best friend.

"Finally when I was 50 years old I decided that I wanted a dog, and my husband said ok Ill retire so we can get a dog. And I wanted to find a way to bond with him so this was how I bonded with Riley," Randleman said.

If you are interested in getting your dog involved in agility training, visit www.k9powersports.com for more information.

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