High heat on track to break record

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Kim Shea is all for letting her grandchildren play outside, but in this heat, she has to be careful.

"If their faces turn real red and they're sweating, then it's time for a break to go inside. They tell the story, their faces and their bodies, and they wear out pretty quickly," Shea said.

There's no doubt it has been a brutal summer.

"We try to stay in the shade a little more. Not direct sunlight," Shea said.

The National Weather Service says we are close to a record when it comes to extreme heat.

"If we hit 90 degrees today, that means we will have seen 62 days of 90 degrees or greater temperatures. That is second place for the number of days we have seen over 90," said Meteorologist Tom Renwick.

The record was back in 1977 with 90 days over 90.

"We are sitting at 62 days, and we expect we will be over 90 again, then getting about, 27 or 28 more days of above 90's that is certainly in the realm of possibility," Renwick said.

The monsoon hasn't come yet because of high pressure.

"What's happened all summer is that the high pressure is actually in the wrong spot, its either been over us, or to the west, where usually it's to the east," Renwick said.

Over at District 51, they say they're ready to keep kids cool so they can learn at their best.

"All of our schools have A/C, and luckily, some of our schools have actually updated their HVAC units over the summer," said Spokesperson for District 51, Emily Shockley.

And Kim says, hydration is key.

"They need to go ahead and drink and have water access, especially at school, and know that that is what they need to do," Shea said.

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