Owner of Sunset Mesa Funeral Directors officially banned from the business

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MONTROSE, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- According to the state, the former owner of Sunset Mesa Funeral Directors in Montrose can never again own or run a funeral home and crematorium in Colorado.

The Office of Funeral Home and Crematory Registration had Megan Hess sign the papers August 7.

This document outlines several allegations against Hess, including cremains that were found to be cement, embalming without permission and losing bodies. There were also at least seven years where Hess failed to maintain cremation records.

"I just hope the wheels of justice turn quickly,” said Ron Mabry, Sunset Mesa Customer.

KKCO first met with Ron Mabry back in January, just as allegations about the funeral home started to emerge.

Ron used Megan Hess's funeral home for his best friend Rex Dunlap.

"He was living on social security, so he wanted the cheapest option possible and that was Sunset Mesa,” said Mabry.

Ron says Hess offered they donate part of Rex's body.

"We did a partial body donation so we could get a lower price and as it turns out they did a whole body donation,” said Mabry.

Hess also misplaced the one thing Rex wanted Ron to keep the most, his glass eye.

"He wanted me to take his glass eye and put it in his ashes with a note that said 'here's looking at you,'” said Mabry.

The state says Megan Hess is never allowed to run a funeral home or crematorium again. She signed and dated the document.

"I just hope that Megan Hess and the people from Sunset Mesa get punished some way or another,” said Mabry.

The documents also outlined a handful of cases where cremains were found to be concrete, the deceased was cremated without consent, embalmed without consent, and that Hess failed to maintain required cremation and disposal records for nearly a decade.

"So they did everything they could, I don't think it was enough,” said Mabry.

For Ron and many others, they are still looking for some sort of closure.

"You know, it doesn't change the outcome at all, I wasn't able to fulfill my friend's final wishes,” said Mabry.

The funeral home and Megan Hess are still being investigated by the FBI which could take several months. They have contacted the victims and are currently testing cremains.

This document states that investigators found bags of dry concrete at the funeral home. The document is attached to the right of this article.

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