Fair Maps Colorado kicks off state tour in Grand Junction

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) -- Fair Maps Colorado is traveling the state with the hopes of getting people to vote yes on Amendments Y and Z. They started their tour in Grand Junction Monday.

Amendments Y and Z aim to put an end to gerrymandering through fairer legislative and congressional redistricting.

"Voters don't realize that a very small percentage of our electoral districts in Colorado are actually competitive," Christian Reece, the executive director of Club 20, said. "They're gerrymandered. And what that word means is that they're drawn intentionally to give a competitive advantage to one political party or another."

Fair Maps Colorado is hoping that when redistricting happens, after the 2020 census, that the new district(s) will be created with a commission made up of four Democrats, four Republicans and four unaffiliated voters.

"These measures allow citizens to be more represented at their state and federal levels by having more fairly drawn districts," Reece said.

The legislature voted unanimously to send the question to voters in May.

Amendments Y and Z will be on the state's November ballot.

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