GJ City to cover costs after pipe bursts

ORCHARD MESA, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Homeowners on Orchard Mesa can breathe a little easier knowing water damage to their homes from a burst city pipe will be completely fixed and costs will be covered.

Some homeowners have been living in their campers for the past three months because of damage. The City of Grand Junction says so far more than $90,000 worth of damages need to be fixed, but they will cover all the costs.

"The water obviously came in from everywhere so we had to have a two-foot flood cut,” said homeowner, Laura Mansfield.

She has been living in a camper on her driveway since June 15 when the pipe burst.

"It has been very difficult and very stressful,” said Mansfield.

The pipe sent half a million gallons of water into nearby homes.

"Now we are just trying to get everything put back together,” said Mansfield.

The City of Grand Junction has two main pipes that bring water into their treatment plant. The one on B Road is one of them. After a lengthy investigation, it appears this break has been brewing since the 70s.

"We think the reason that it corroded is that, possibly, when they were installing a sewer line that the contractor may have nicked the water pipe,” said Randi Kim, Utilities Director for the City of Grand Junction.

CIRSA is the city’s insurance company. They say this was an accident and the city is not to blame.

"We realize that homeowners can't cover that through their homeowner's insurance so we decided to take some responsibility,” said Kim.

About $90,000 worth of damage to six homes. CIRSA will pay the majority of damages and the city will cover the rest.

"There's three homes that have already been paid out, and then three other homes that were paid a portion of the costs that they've filed so far and then there's still some remaining costs associated with some of the asbestos work and rehabilitation work,” said Kim.

The extent of the damage that Laura has means she probably won’t be moving back in until October.

"I just want to be in my house before the snow flies, it's not going to be very warm in my camper,” said Mansfield.

Even though things are moving slowly, she's grateful an end is in sight.

“She told us they were going to take care of everything, and I tell you that was a huge relief. Because there's no way we would have been able to afford it,” said Mansfield.

What insurance doesn't cover, the city's Good Neighbor policy will up to $15,000.

If more money is needed, they'll dip into their water account fund which is paid for from water sales. So far it looks like they will have to pay $30,000.

If you were affected by this flood you need to work through the City’s risk management process.

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