Matt Soper's address in question

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DELTA, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) -- Matt Soper is running for House District 54, but after a newspaper article put where he lives in the spotlight, some Delta residents are triple checking their ballots.

"He needs to be living where he says he's living," Fran Goetz, one Delta resident said.

Soper lists his address as 10 Hartig Drive in Delta, according to the Secretary of State's office. We talked to the people who live at 10 Hartig Drive, they say they rent the home from Soper's mom, they also say they haven't seen Soper in months.

That distinction is leaving some residents angry.

"It will definitely impact my decision, very much so," Goetz said. "If you lie about where you live, you're probably lying about lots of things."

Others say as long as he lives in District 54, that's okay enough for them.

"Since he's a local boy, he's concerned about this area so I think he would represent us very good," Nancy Doerer, another Delta resident, said.

We reached out to Soper. In a Facebook message to our reporter, Grace Reader, he said, "Typical October surprise. The fact is I was born and raised in Delta, graduated from Delta High School, and live in Delta. They don't talk about the issues, but I do."

We responded in part, "Can you comment on whether or not you live at the address you have listed on your campaign -- and if not, a more current address?" At this time, we have not gotten a response to that message -- but Facebook shows us he read the message at 6:52 p.m. on Monday.

In the end, the Secretary of State's office says voter fraud is one thing, but as far as his candidacy goes, as long as he has lived in the district for at least 12 months, he's good to go.

"I'm not sure if It would be an issue for contest at that point," Ben Schler, legal and policy manager for the Secretary of State, said. "At that point what you would be talking about there -- is this person qualified? And it sounds like from that scenario they would likely be qualified either way."

Schler also tells us defining residency goes beyond where you're sleeping the night of the election: "It's not a super cut and dry thing where you can just look at something and say oh well they haven't been there for a few weeks so they don't live there anymore."

As of now, Soper has not responded to requests to confirm he lives at 10 Hardig Drive, nor has he provided another address. This article will be updated if he does.

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