We're hiring: Local law enforcement looking to fill spots

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) -- Both the Mesa County Sheriff's office and the Grand Junction Police Department are hoping to get more boots on the ground, but finding people that run towards gunfire, instead of away from it, has been difficult for both agencies.

"Finding qualified applicants who want to work in law enforcement and serve their communities in that capacity has been challenging," Heidi Davidson, police information coordinator with GJPD, said.

Local law enforcement has been struggling to find people cut out for the job. GJPD needs between 10 and 15 additional people on the street. They also need dispatchers.

Meanwhile, MCSO says they are struggling to find people to work in their jail -- they're around seven people short there. They also need around three people to work on patrol.

"Detention deputies are not required to be POST certified so they don’t have to have the academy, but it’s an unknown profession," Jim Fogg, lieutenant of support services for MCSO, said. "It’s one of those professions people don’t even think about."

Even if you have no desire to work in law enforcement, a hiring shortage for local law enforcement still impacts you. It means fewer people available to do things like catching speeders and driving through your neighborhood to make sure everything is okay.

"Less time for officers to spend time doing that proactive police work," Davidson said.

So if you're an outstanding citizen that has always wanted to be a hero behind the badge, now may be your time to shine.

"We really want people who want to be police officers here," Davidson said.

For more information on how to apply to the MCSO or to GJPD check out the links to the right of this article.

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