Volunteers help clean up the desert

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- If you drive out into the desert north of Grand Junction, it's not hard to find trash.

"Litter is probably one of our biggest problems in Grand Junction for our Grand Junction OHV area," said Volunteer and Owner of Adrenaline Driven Adventure Company, Lewis Baker.

And it's not the big stuff that's a problem.

"There's so much trash, so much glass, and so many nails," Baker said.

But they aren't just cleaning up the desert.

“We are really trying to drive tourism, and the motocross community in Grand Junction, so we are trying to turn it around and revive that community," Baker said.

They are improving it.

"There’s some money to develop a staging area out here,” said Bureau of Land Management Park Ranger, Mike Jones.

The BLM was given $250,000 from the airport, because they are extending their runway.

"It’s going to change where the road is at, which is going to make it where the parking that is for OHV users at the very beginning is going away," Jones said.

With or without the money, there is still a lesson to be learned.

“I think there’s about 30 or 35 people out here, and half of them are kids. And those kids are out here, and they are learning that these are their public lands," Jones said.

In fact, Lewis brought his own kids out to help.

“Both of my kids are actually out here, and all my friends' kids are out here, to clean up the trash just as well. We are trying to teach them the right things to do," Baker said.

And his message was very clear.

“You don’t go dump trash in the desert just because its free, you don’t go mess up things that aren’t yours," Baker said.

Because these motocross riders, are looking toward the future.

“People from all over come here to ride and utilize this area. And it would be much more enjoyable if it was a clean environment," said volunteer, Cliff Allen.

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