Salvation Army in need of turkey

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Recent hurricanes on the east coast are having a direct impact here in the Grand Valley. One that may affect turkey day for low-income families.

"If I spend more on turkeys, then I have to spend less on something else,” said Captain Steve Staneart, with the Salvation Army.

Every year during the holidays the Salvation Army needs 1,200 turkeys, and so far this year they only have about 110.

"So, this is a 12 pounder, this is a nice size for a small family,” said Captain Staneart.

Here’s why; North Carolina is one of the biggest producers of turkeys in the U.S., in fact, Butterball’s headquarters is there.

"When we can get community members to give us that, then that’s one less thing that we have to spend cash for,” said Captain Staneart.

According to the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, an estimated 4.1 million turkeys and chickens died in the floodwaters of North Carolina during hurricane Florence. So, prices may be higher than normal.

"What I really want for Thanksgiving is, I want to serve a meal to people so that they are honored and they feel like even though most of them have no family, that at least for one day they have family,” said Captain Staneart.

The Salvation Army feeds more than 2,000 people every Thanksgiving Day, and if they don't have enough turkeys, that cost comes out of their general funding.

"There's people in need here in Grand Junction, believe it or not, we may not think so cause we don't see it, but when they walk in our doors we see it,” said Mary Strohm, volunteer with the Salvation Army.

They need the donations in order to make it all possible.

"We don't turn anybody away, we find a way to help them,” said Strohm.

The Salvation Army says turkeys of any size will be much appreciated. You can donate to their location on North Avenue and 4th Street.

There is still time to get a free meal delivered to your door, just call them at 970-242-7513. The meal will be on Thanksgiving day at the Elks Lodge in Grand Junction.

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