Vets say bring pets inside when temps drop

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- The cold temperatures don't just affect us. If you're too cold, pets probably are too. Local vets say bring them inside.

"If it gets below 20 they don't like being outside at all,” said Nicolas Dowis, dog owner.

"If it's too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for them,” said Dr. Dominic Carrica, owner and head vet at Amigo Animal Clinic.

Cold temperatures can be dangerous for our furry friends.

"Dogs ears stand out and they don't have tremendous blood supply all the way to the ends of their ears so frostbitten ears commonly happens,” said Dr. Carrica.

Over at Canyon View Park, dog owners had some tips of their own.

"Of course I wipe their feet off I have a rag in the car for afterwards,” said Pat Reddick, dog owner.

"Their feet will crack and we will put coconut oil or lotion on it, if they go outside and they walk in salt we make sure that they wash their feet off,” said Dowis.

Vets at Amigo say those deicing salts can be an issue.

"If they were to eat enough of it, it could potentially be a problem, more commonly we see local irritations on the bottom of the feet if they have been walking on those salts,” said Dr. Carrica.

Doggie coats, may not be a bad idea either.

"They do have coats, when they keep them on,” said Reddick.

"It’s a good idea for a lot of the thin coated pets… and look for ice balls in between the toes or protect them with a good quality bootie,” said Dr. Carrica.

If they have to be outside, get them a kennel. Cats too, or else they will go looking for other warm places.

"They may end up underneath your hood and when you start the engine sometimes they get caught in fan belts and we get some pretty nasty wounds from cats. It's a good idea, before you start your car, to honk your horn,” said Dr. Carrica.

Vets also say it’s important to keep their coats clean. Apparently, they are warmer and can dry quicker if taken care of. Also if you do use deicing salts, some stores sell pet-friendly options.

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