Mesa County to improve roads with new machine

MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Mesa County hopes a new piece of equipment will help get rid of cracks and pot holes in our roads.

Rudy Bevan, the counties road and bridge supervisor says county commissioners approved the additional funding to help purchase of the new ‘Magnum Patcher’.

The Magnum Patcher will essentially patch and fill cracks and pot holes on our county roads.

"When you get the potholes in the roads and the big orange metal sheets they put over construction it's really hard on your tires, it can be really hard on your suspension when you hit a big bump and can cost a lot,” said Gwen Huffman, Grand Junction resident.

“I hit one of those orange things and it knocked off my entire alignment,” said Maegan Johnson, Grand Junction resident.

Crews say the old patching method wouldn’t last, allowing cracks to grow bigger. This new machine will fill the cracks and pot holes completely, more efficiently, and for longer.

“It takes an oil and rock mix and sprays it down in the cracks to help build it up and seal it,” said Rudy Bevan, Mesa County road and bridge supervisor.

The machine isn’t here yet but it will be in a couple weeks.

"The roads were a lot worse years ago it seems like the cities worked really hard to get some of the main thorough fairs better paved, better maintained but some of the side streets have still been left neglected,” said Huffman.

Bevans says the machine cost $85,000, funded with tax payer dollars from the Highway User Tax fund. That’s the tax that comes from filling up with gas.

Our freezing and thawing temperatures this winter means the machine will definitely be put to good use.

"We are getting quite a bit more temperature swings this year and moisture so that's creating a little bit more,” said Bevan.

When the new Magnum Patcher arrives they will start with the Independence Valley neighborhood that's on the Redlands.

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