Snow storms this winter chipping away at drought

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POWDERHORN, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) -- The storm that rolled through the Western Slope didn't leave even a trace of snow in much of Grand Junction, but up at Powderhorn it was a different story.

They tell us they've gotten more than a foot of snow already this week, and expect to get even more. As you can imagine, skiers and snowboarders who took advantage of the mid-week snow were pretty pleased with those numbers.

"All of the runs had powder on them, there was no life lines all day, it was a beautiful day." Richard Goben, a regular Powderhorn skier, said.

And many noting that the snow this year is a serious upgrade from last.

"My husband was saying that it's the best snow that he skied on here at Powderhorn," Joanna Daub, another regular, said.

That snow isn't just important for skiers and snowboarders, but for all of us at lower elevations too. The National Weather Service says this winter is helping us slowly chip out way out of our severe drought.

"All the river basins in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah are either 90 percent of average to 120 percent of average," Chris Cuoco, a senior forecaster at the Grand Junction National Weather Service, said.

Which means the issue we were having last summer, may not be as severe come this one.

"Unless something drastic changes, and it doesn't look like it, we'll have at least a normal snowpack going into spring which usually helps us with water supply," Cuoco said.