Grand Junction looks to ban camping in public

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- The Grand Junction city council is looking at an ordinance that would ban camping in public places. Some are calling it a ban on the homeless.

In the draft language, the city would make it illegal to camp overnight, or sleep, in city parks and property, including along the River Front trail or sidewalks. It would allow for law enforcement to tear down encampments if there is a threat to the public. Some think it's a good idea, others not so much.

“There's no place that this society has for people like that," said Bill Lintott, a Grand Junction resident.”

“The city does have reasons to be considering this ordinance. I just question how they're going to enforce it, and if it's the best use of our resources," said Pete Hautzinger, a Grand Junction resident.

In the draft, the city said it will not enforce cruel and unusual punishment or criminalize homelessness. The city denied an interview request for this piece.

Homeward bound said they will continue to serve as many people as they can. They plan to open up a new facility in late 2019.

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