Delta County looks to be Second Amendment sanctuary county

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DELTA, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) -- As a controversial "Red Flag" bill moves through the state legislature, counties across Colorado are working to become Second Amendment sanctuaries. Delta County is just one of the counties going through the process locally.

"Becoming a sanctuary county, in my opinion, would imply that Delta County will not stand for any further attempts to erode our Second Amendment rights," Sheriff Mark Taylor with Delta County said at a public meeting Tuesday afternoon.

The bill, HB19-1177, would allow law enforcement to take guns from people if a judge decides they're at risk. Legislators for the bill say it will keep guns out of the hands of people mentally unfit to have them, but many are taking aim at the way the bill was written.

"I feel that that bill goes beyond, there's no due process as far as enforcing that bill," Taylor said.

That's the main reason Delta County commissioners are looking to become a Second Amendment sanctuary county, which would take a stance against that bill.

"I am very much a pro Second Amendment person, I am very much a pro-bill of rights person. And I truly believe that we need to protect our rights as citizens given to us by the Constitution," Don Suppes, Delta County Commissioner, said.

Delta held a public meeting Tuesday night to ask Delta residents their thoughts, of the roughly 250 people that showed up not a single person spoke positively in favor of the bill.

"Everything that's happened thus far, as far as all these unconstitutional, anti-second amendment conspirators, violators, criminals, it's all crime in my eyes," a community member said at that meeting.

Montrose County commissioners appear to be voting on a resolution against the bill during their meeting on March 20, according to the Montrose Daily Press. Delta County will vote at their meeting on the 19.