Dinosaur Journey adds 6 foot femur bone to collection

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FRUITA, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- It’s a big day over at Fruita's Dinosaur Journey as they just added one of the biggest bones ever found to their museum.

They say the six foot four inch femur bone is the most complete and largest ever found.

It came from an Apatosaurus who were vegetarian and known for their long necks.

It was found locally by the museum on a dig to their Rabbit Valley quarry.

"This is nicely organized but broken so maybe someone stepped on it or maybe it was due to normal soil shifting,” said Kay Fredette, Volunteer .

Kay says she helped find the bone with a colleague and has spent years digging it out and cleaning it.

She says it took four years to pull out and three extra years to clean.

You can check it out for yourself; the museum is located at 550 Jurassic Ct, Fruita, CO 81521.

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