Grand Valley Drainage District refunds to be mailed out

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- After a fee was ruled an unfair tax in 2018, the Grand Valley Drainage District says they will start sending out refunds early next week.

The District says they will start sending out refund checks to customers starting on April 22. It all started with a fee they charged customers that was later ruled an unfair tax in 2018, and violated TABOR.

But the district says customers will only get back 68% of what they paid, because the district simply doesn't have enough money to give everyone a full refund all at once.

They collected $6.8 million in a three-year span, and owe $9 million, including a ten percent TABOR interest penalty.

"So why this time of the year? We are a tax-funded organization, so we actually have to wait until the revenue comes in. People paying their property taxes, so we have the ability to shift the money, to this enterprise fund checking account, so we have the ability to pay everyone," said GVDD General Manager Tim Ryan.

Customers in the district will continue to receive checks in the mail once a year for the next four or five years, until the refunds are paid in full.

The payments will also go back to the property they come from, not necessarily the property owner who paid.

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