Kyle Free looked into being drug informant before his murder

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) -- More than a year after his murder, we're learning that Kyle Free may have been working to become a drug informant for local law enforcement before his death.

Free's family says even though it's news to us, it was something that Free told his family before he died.

"He didn't say Mesa County or Grand Junction, but he had talked to someone about turning other drug dealers in," Robin Graham, Free's mother, said.

Now, we're learning through court documents that Free may have been targeted because of it. Those documents show that two men, Kyle Billings and his father, Kirby Billings, were involved in putting a "hit" on Free after possibly learning he had been involved with law enforcement.

The documents say that Kyle Billings is a "known drug dealer in the Grand Valley" and that both he and his father may have wanted Free dead.

The documents show that they had several text and phone conversations with John Eddy, the man accused of pulling the trigger. It also shows that Eddy may have gotten a gun from them. It's unclear whether or not it was the gun used to kill Free.

There is also evidence, according to the documents, to show that the "hit" may have been called off before the murder. That evidence comes in the form of text messages in which Kyle Billings says, "Dad does not want you to do anything now."

Neither Kyle or Kirby Billings has been charged in relation to the Free murder to this point.

This all came to light during a proof evidence presumption great hearing for Rebecca Walker, one of three people charged with first-degree murder in the case.

A judge decided to deny Rebecca Walker's motion for bail Tuesday.

Free's family says the judge's decision was a huge relief for them. Walker's family and the crime scene are both close to several of Free's family members.

"We would prefer for her to stay in jail until the trial is over with and a jury makes a decision," Graham said.

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