A look at D51 security amid front range school threat

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Saturday marks the 20 year anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting, because of that and the recent situation on the Front Range, School District 51 is keeping an even closer eye over their students.

While there is no threat to District 51, they're still taking extra precautions.

"What we've done today is made sure our partners in law enforcement and our security team is out working with the schools to make sure that the doors are secure as they should be,” said Tim Leon, Director of Safety and Security, D51.

D51 says they take the safety of their students seriously every day and Wednesday was no exception. All external doors were locked, entrances had extra monitoring, and all resource officers were told to keep an extra eye out for anything suspicious.

"We had a conversation this week about Columbine and the anniversary and we are a little bit more in tune with that and just being a little bit more aware,” said Leon.

The school district works closely with local law enforcement to make sure every school has an officer.

"So, there’s four GJPD officers, four Mesa County Sheriff’s Deputies, two from Fruita PD and one from Palisade PD and then my team of 8 officers were out today,” said Leon.

Jason Evans works with GJPD as a school resource officer. He says he alternates locations around the district but mostly spends his time patrolling R-5 and Grand Junction High Schools.

"If the school needs some assistance with something, so I come and assist them with incidents, but I also generally walk the halls just kind of try to build those connections with a student around the school,” said Jason Evans, school resource officer, GJPD.

For students at Grand Junction High School, they've grown up in a generation of schools threats.

"We do a lot of lockdown drills and we have our police officers and our S.R.O.’s helping us feel a little bit safer,” said Sage Skinner, junior at GJHS.

She says events like these happen so often, she expects them.

"It’s not unexpected so last year when there were so many school shootings I would read about it as I was scrolling through my Instagram and it would pop up and I wouldn't look at it as hard as maybe my parents would so it’s still scary to think about and to have to deal with every day,” said Skinner.

Again local law enforcement agencies say there is no threat to District 51 schools.

As always if you see something suspicious, it’s always a good idea to use Safe 2 Tell (877) 542-7233. It’s an anonymous tip reporting service.

The district spent the last year installing safety vestibules, security cameras, and better locks just to name a few of the added safety measures.

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