Local group joins statewide 'Recall Polis' efforts

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) -- A statewide effort to have Governor Jared Polis recalled is suddenly finding its way to the Western Slope Wednesday night.

Folks at a meeting, which was called just days before, say they're fed up with some of the recent legislation the governor, a Democrat, has pushed through, and they want him out.

"I have some concerns about our government officials and them walking on us, the way they are, pledging one thing and doing another," Tom Keenan, a man at the meeting, said.

Perhaps the most controversial bills recently signed into law have been an oil and gas bill, a red flag bill and the national popular vote bill. All were topics of discussion Wednesday night.

"He (the governor) just sort of rammed that right through and said we're going to do it and not even care what you think," Keenan said.

For some, the solution is to get rid of Polis. They're working on a grassroots effort here in Grand Junction to do just that.

"I would like to see him recalled, I believe he's overstepped our constitution which he swore to uphold," Keenan said.

But others at the meeting were not quite there.

"I'm not sure that I would like to recall him yet," Ed Meagher, another attendee said. "He has been freely elected within the state of Colorado by the majority of people, but I want him to see things about what he's doing it to us."

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