Flooding advisories in place for rivers

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Officials with the National Weather Service say water levels could get higher in the next few days, thanks to our snow pack in the high country.

Parts of walking and biking trails are flooded in areas along the Colorado River.

Staff at the National Weather Service say there are two flood advisories in place for our area, one is at the Utah state line for the Colorado River, and another one is a little closer, for the Gunnison River, near the junction with the Colorado River.

A hydrologist said we are seeing high levels right now due to the warm temperatures melting off the snow pack in the high country.

Currents are strong, and debris in the water is an issue, but one out-of-town rafter said he's aware of the risks, and went out on the water anyway.

"All of our boats are in really good shape, we carry patch kits, we carry a rope to help us if we get caught on something,We are prepared to self rescue to the extent that we can," said Golden resident, Ed Westergaard.

The Weather Service said the water could get down to normal levels by mid-summer.

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