Mosquito populations have doubled

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- If you are planning on spending time outside any time soon, make sure you bring the bug spray with you.

Officials say mosquito populations are about double what they were last year in the Grand Valley.

The Grand River Mosquito Control District says, they have about 10,000 traps that they keep an eye on, and the amount of rain, and snow melt this year is a big factor in all the mosquitos we'll be seeing.

They also say mosquito eggs can develop in about a week, which makes controlling them difficult.

"Seven days will pass, and we'll miss a site, or we didn't know about a site, or the river got some place wet that we didn't know about, and all it takes is seven days, so then we see trap counts go up for adult mosquitos," said District Manager Tim Moore.

The district says we are coming up on peak mosquito season this month, and drain any standing water around your house every week to keep the bugs away.

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