Doctors recommend getting your kids on a back to school sleep schedule

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- The school bell rings early in the morning, making it vital for students to get a good night's rest.

Doctors say it's important to start getting your kids on a good sleep routine a couple of weeks before the start of the new school year. They say it takes a few weeks to get adapted to a new schedule. To get your kids on a good sleep routine it's a good idea to make their bedtime 15 minutes earlier each night, up until the first day of school. Also, make their wake-up time consistent, even on the weekend. Another recommendation is to ensure your kids are burning enough energy, by playing outside, so they're ready to fall asleep at bedtime.

"They can't concentrate when they're tired. There's great studies that show things like irritability and behavior issues can feed from poor sleep. For teenagers, they're not going to be paying attention in class if they're yawning and they're tired, putting their head down in class and taking a nap," said Dr. Megan Stinar, Pediatrician.

Kids and teens should get about eight to ten hours of sleep each night. Dr. Stinar says that a good sleep routine also has benefits later in life. She says you're less likely to be overweight as an adult. You're also less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety.

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