Bear activity on the rise as they prepare for hibernation

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- There have been more bear sightings, in Colorado, the last few weeks because they're beginning to prepare for winter.

As summer nears the end, bears are going into hyperphagia. Hyperphagia is the time when bears eat and drink constantly in order to prepare for hibernation. Colorado Parks and Wildlife says it's important not to attract bears to your neighborhood by having easy access to food sources like unlocked trash cans, bird feeders and pet food outside your home. Bears have good memories and will return to places where they've found food.

"They're not after you, they're after your food. If you accidentally corner the bear, or surprise it, that bear can swipe or bite and can cause some serious injuries. So if you live in Colorado, Those are all very important things to keep in mind," said Mike Porras. Colorado Parks & Wildlife.

Food-conditioned bears can be dangerous to people, pets and property which could lead to them being euthanized.

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