8-year-old saves boy at Snook's Bottom

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- We got word of an eight-year-old boy who saved another boy at Snook's Bottom over the weekend.

Parents are calling him a hero, and say he saved the boy from drowning.

His name is Stanley Blakslee, and he saw another boy struggling to swim, after he fell off a floating log.

He took action, before the situation could get worse, and jumped in the water to save the boy. He got the boy close enough to the shore that adults could step in.

"This kid couldn't swim, and we were out on the log, and he fell off," says Blakslee. "So someone else went to get him. But he was struggling so I went to go get him."

Although he's considered a hero, Stanley says he hopes he never has to save someone again.

On a sign in the Snook's Bottom parking lot, it says the area is "not designed or intended as a swim facility."

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