Increased Bear Activity in Mesa County

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO)-- The Colorado Parks and Wildlife calls it a feeding frenzy-- the time of year when bears stock up on calories for the winter months.

As winter approaches, bears' natural food sources are declining and they may turn to humans for an easily accessible meal. These seasonal changes mean that black bears are increasing their caloric intake to pack on fat for the winter. Officials say that these foragers are consuming about 20-thousand calories a day.

“Bears are generally afraid of people, they don't want to be around people, they're searching out these food sources so they get accustomed to people. And then they can become protective of their food sources,” says area wildlife manager, Kirk Oldham.

Since April, officials have received 150 bear calls, most of which have happened within the last month.

The main takeaway here is get rid of your trash the right away-- in bear safe containers.

If you spot a bear, call CPW, not 911.

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