Former volunteers claim rescue center is hoarding pit bulls

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO)-- Former volunteers at the Grand Valley Pit Bull Rescue Center are making serious accusations of dog neglect against the owner.

Over a phone call, the owner said that the allegations are not true.

The former volunteers claim the man has thirty pit bulls inside his home.

They say only a select few of the dogs are allowed to go outside each day, for about 45 minutes a day. Other than that they claim the dogs have to stay in the kennels.

They add that during the seven months of working there, no dogs we bathed or groomed. Often times, they say dogs would escape from their kennels, and fight the other animals leaving them with bruises.

"We've called for a homecheck multiple times with multiple different people, and they have not done anything, and if they would just go inside this facility they would see that it's not what it seems to be,” Grand Junction Resident Jessica Owens says.

Officials at Mesa County Animal Services say they keep a close eye on the facility and they have not noticed anything wrong. They say the owner only has 17 dogs and is allowed 20.

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