Thanksgiving Foods you should avoid giving Fido

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO)-- Though you might consider your pet's family, it's best not to include them in your Thanksgiving feast.

This time of year can cause big problems for dog's digestive track, especially if they are given food that isn't part of their daily diet.

Amigo Animal clinic wants to remind people that certain Thanksgiving foods are toxic and even deadly to pets.

"No uncooked meats should be fed to pets," says Dominic Carrica, owner and Vet at Amigo Animal Clinic. "Bones, especially the turkey carcass can be problematic. They can get caught in the throat or the stomach lining so it's best not to feed carcasses to pets."

Other things to avoid giving to your pets are alcohol, stuffing, nuts and grapes. if you think your dog did get a hold of one of these food, make sure to call your vet.

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