Tips to stay safe while Black Friday shopping

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO)-- Hundreds will be lining up in the cold to score the best deals. With all the hustle and bustle, it's easy to get sidetracked and become a potential target for scammers.

When shopping, just keep an eye out on your surroundings.

Don't leave your bags open and make sure you're not carrying a lot of cash.

Park in an area that is close and under a lamppost, so you're not heading out to your car in the middle of nowhere with your arms full of bags.

If you're planning on scoring deals online, be aware of what sites you're using.

"If you're shopping online and see something that you think is a great deal, be leery of it," says Heidi Davidson, Community Outreach Specialist for the GJPD. "Pay attention. Shop with retailers that you know and trust."

If you're going to leave bags in your car, make sure they are hidden in the trunk and out of sight to avoid a break-in.

Also if you're using a shopping cart, use the straps in the cart basket to lock your purse up so no one can run off with it.

The GJPD also has its Safe to Trade Zone. If you find a great deal on Craig's list and want to meet at a safe location, you can use the parking lot or lobby of the police department to do so.

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