Group hopes to combat overpopulation of feral cats in Delta County

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO)-- Feral cats are running rampant in parts of Delta County. Now community members are starting a new campaign to help control the population.

The "100 Cats Campaign" will trap, neuter and return the cats, but will try and find homes for most.

People in the community say there are over one hundred cats, most who were left abandoned by their owners. People were led to feed the cats to help them survive.

Because of low funding, they haven't been able to get them into the shelters. Now, “No Kill Colorado,” hopes they can help combat the problem.

“It’s a hard hard life, they don’t live very long, they have to deal with predators. The food they get, we do the best we can, but there’s so many of them, a lot of them go hungry,” says Concerned Community Member Lori Hills.

The group is looking for volunteers to help with the trapping sessions and caregiving. For more information you can visit, or email

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