Family that lost belongings off of I-70 found

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The family has been found, and the items are getting returned to them! The family is from Phoenix and was traveling back from Denver when their cargo luggage rack fell off near the Clifton Exit on I-70.


Jan. 2, 2020 a family traveling in this newer model white Honda SUV lost all of their belongings. The cargo luggage rack fell off of their car after they stopped for gas just off the Clifton exit of I-70 (exit 37).

Luckily a good Samaritan pulled the luggage out of the road and turned it into the gas station. After nobody claimed it, they turned it into the Mesa County Sheriff's Office.

The family that lost their luggage included an adult male, an adult female, an unknown number of children and a dog. They were either headed to or from a ski / snowboarding vacation.

So far, no one has reported losing luggage on the highway or in the area. Unfortunately, the surveillance video at the gas station doesn't show us their license plate clearly, but we do know they drove a white newer model Honda SUV.

Help us spread the word their belongings have been found and help us find this family! If you have information on who this family is call (970) 244-3258.

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