Woman claims self defense after shooting, seeks victim's services

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- "I was afraid for my life and I shot him. And he died."

Chastity Suazo recalls what happened to her on December 4th, 2019.

A night she says all began in Fruita with an argument over the phone.

“When he got to my house he kicked the door down."

She says her boyfriend Luis Busani became violent and tried to strangle her. That's when she says she had no choice, admitting she shot and killed her boyfriend.

"I was taken to St. Mary's hospital that night, and I had a broken eye socket. My nose was also broken, and multiple bruises," says Suazo.

But it's what's happened since that night that's causing her to speak to us.

She says after police left the scene she got a message from her landlord.

"They had an eviction notice on my door the day after."

Chastity says she was offered victims assistance services the night of the shooting, but when she tried to reach out, she got no help.

"I called, and basically they said that I was the perpetrator and he was the victim,” states Busani.

"The police records from Fruita, they won't release them, because its under investigation," said Gina Flores from Project Hope.

Gina's group is called Project Hope, and is like a victim's advocate program of sorts.

She stepped in to try and get help for Chastity. The problem is, Chastity isn't officially considered a victim.

Gina reached out to Fruita PD and got the same response we did.
They say the case is still under investigation, and no charges have been filed.

"We've got one agency, victim’s assistance, and we've got the D.A, and the D.A isn't saying anything now. He refers her, and then the victim's assistance says ‘oh, she doesn't qualify because there's not an open case,’" explains Flores.

We reached out to District Attorney Dan Rubinstein, and he told us he couldn't comment because nothing has been sent to his office about the case.

Gina says she then asked what qualifies a victim
for assistance.

"I asked these questions to Dan Rubinstein and Victim’s Advocates, and I've received no response."

It's a case that for now, is stuck in limbo.

"I feel like I am being bullied, and pushed into the corner, and just told to be quiet," Suazo said.

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