GJFD uses “Womannequins” for CPR classes

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO)-- Traditional CPR classes usually use a flat-chested mannequin.

Thing is, most women, are not.

So it's led to some problems when it comes to how often women are given the life saving technique.

That's why the Grand Junction Fire Department introduced women mannequins to their CPR course.

A recent study shows that people are more comfortable giving men CPR in public than women, which means the chances that a man survives cardiac arrest goes up 23 percent.

"You know there really is no difference in how you give CPR to a woman or a man," Says Ellis Thompson-Ellis, Community Outreach Specialist for GJFD. "What we are trying to address is people's attitudes towards that and make sure that women in our community are getting CPR just as much as men."

To sign up for future CPR course, you can head over to GJFD's website to sign up.

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