Open burn suspended amid COVID-19 concerns

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. (KKCO)-- We are all doing our part to reduce the strain COVID-19 is causing and one way folks can help high risk populations impacted by the virus, is by not burning.

"At this point in time, that burn ban just made a lot of sense." Says Jeff Kuhr, Executive Director with Mesa County Public Health.

Air quality isn't the best during burn season, making it difficult for some, especially the elderly, to breathe.

"It just felt like the best thing in dealing with this COVID-19 situation that we just minimize air quality or improve air quality through this process." Shares Kuhr.

Because COVID-19 is a respiratory infection, poor air quality could easily make symptoms worse.

"Certainly with shortness of breath and people and people thinking about that, it makes great sense that we have the cleanest air we can possibly have." Says Kuhr.

Residential Open Burn is suspended until further notice.

Fall open burn is set to run September and October, but depending on how long the virus sticks around, that has the potential to be suspended as well.

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