Doctor's office tries to ease burden on emergency rooms

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- A local doctor's office wants to help families out.

They announced they'll take in additional younger patients, to free up more space in emergency rooms.

Western Colorado Pediatrics says they are willing to take younger patients up to age 18 that have medical issues separate from Covid-19.
Their hope is that this will keep emergency rooms open for those who really need them.

"We’re capable of doing x rays placing casts or splints, and doing suetchers for the minor injuries, and those can come here. additionally, your kids could still have ear pain, and if they were up all night saying their ear hurt, then those kids need to be evaluated too," said Dr. Megan Stinar.

An important note you can't just walk in, you have to call ahead first to get an appointment.

But the office says they have 21 pediatric providers in their office, and they are ready to help.