Utilities companies speak at GJ briefing

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- At the daily Grand Junction City briefing, some utilities companies talked about ways they are adjusting in the midst of the pandemic.

The two main companies were Grand Valley Power, and Ute water.

Ute Water wanted to make it clear there's no need to worry about water quality, and it's safe to use.

Ute Water talked about how they treat their water with chlorine, which is a common practice anyway, and described how the chemical is very efficient with targeting viruses.

They say there's no need to worry about your drinking water at home.

"Because we do chlorinate, and essentially every public water system chloronates, with viruses in particular, chlorine is very good at destroying viruses,” said Ute Water District Treatment Plant Superintendent, Ben Hoffman.

At the briefing, it was announced the City of Grand Junction, Ute Water and Clifton Water District will not shut off water for non-payment because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Grand Valley Power stated they would keep electricity running for customers struggling to pay too, but asked you contact them if you can’t make a payment.

Contact info for utilities providers:

-City of Grand Junction: 970-244-1579, or www.gjcity.org
-Clifton Water: 970-434-7382, or www.cliftonwaterdistrict.org
-Ute Water: 970-242-7491, or www.utewater.org
-Grand Valley Power: 970-242-0040, or www.gvp.org/home

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