Bill Heddles Recreation Center Opening today For Delta County residents

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DELTA COUNTY,Colo.(KKCO)-- The Bill Heddles recreation center in Delta is opening back up today for Delta County residents only.

Several policy and procedural changes are being implemented to keep everyone safe.

Only Delta County residents are allowed to use the facility at this time.
The recreation center is open for workout and exercise use only.

All common areas like the pool area, locker rooms, and racquetball courts will remain closed.

Social distancing will be implemented; a minimum of six feet is required.

The recreation requires guests to bring water bottles; all drinking fountains are not available.

Also, youth under the age of 15 years old will not be allowed in the facility.

Also to ensure participation does not exceed the 10-person capacity per room limit, guests will need to make a reservation to reserve their time.

We’re told each person is allowed 45 minutes, and up to three times per week visits until further notice.

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