"Victory March" after group meets with D51

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Protesters that met at R-5 High School say they marched for victory, after they talked with D51 officials about more social justice and African American education in the district.

“We feel like it’s our responsibility as leaders and adults in this community to stand up,” said activist Jay Freeman.

The group is called RAW, which simply stands for "right and wrong." They marched from Lincoln Park to R-5 after they discussed social justice issues with District 51.

“We must tackle systemic racism within D51..and also amplify the people of color’s voices within the district,” Freeman said.

They say they walked away happy after their meeting with the district.

“The district will adopt a co-op teaching program, African Americans will
actually come out into the schools and actually teach accurate info about black history,” Freeman said.

“Being someone that’s been in d51 working with riverside education, this is all very important,” said activist Demetrius Davis.

But some say this is a long time coming, and social issues in schools have gone on for too long.

“These steps should have been taken long ago before we were here. Kids using words to appropriate a culture that they don’t belong to. ” Davis said.

Some of the group members said it’s up to them to lay the foundation for future generations.

“If we want a better society, then we have to get to them young, and teach the young the right and wrongs of the world today, and how to make it a better one,” said activist Antonio Clark.

There will be task forces made up of students, teachers and counselors to combat racism in schools.

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