Summary of Updates to Gray Television, Inc. Terms of Use Agreement & Privacy Policy

Summary of Updates to Gray Television, Inc. Terms of Use Agreement & Privacy Policy

May 31, 2012

Thank you for visiting the various Services owned, operated or provided by Gray Television, Inc. (“GTI”) and its television stations (“Stations”).

We have updated and streamlined our Terms of Use Agreement (“TOU”) in order to make it easier to read and to include the use of new technology such as smartphones, tablets, mobile services, applications (“Apps”) and any other digital technology. Our new Copyright Complaint Procedures are incorporated by reference into the TOU and provides information on how to contact us if you have a copyright infringement claim or if you wish to file a counter-notice.

We have also updated and streamlined our Privacy Policy in order to simplify our privacy practices and principles, and to describe how your Personal Information is collected via new technology such as Apps and used to deliver the various types of advertising that supports our many free Services, features and activities. Although we have added several new features and activities and are using new technology to distribute and track our news, entertainment, editorial and advertising content, we have not changed your previous opt-out or opt-in choices. The previous Privacy Policy is available here.

We have modified our Privacy Policy as follows:

1. Overall, we have updated our Privacy Policy(s) to include the collection, use and public disclosure of Personal Information and Non-Personal Information on our various Services, Facebook fan dc mobile devices and Apps. Personal Information now includes data that can be reasonably linked to a specific consumer, computer or mobile device.

2. We have changed the format by organizing the information into two levels. The first level is an overview of our basic practices and principles and the second level provides more details that are accessible via a hyperlink in the first level.

3. We have edited other sections to simplify and/or clarify the explanation of our privacy practices, such as the various features and activities that collect and use your Personal Information and Non-Personal Information. We’ve also included a broad representation of the Personal Information we may collect and use in an easy to read format.

4. A new section titled, “Personalized content and advertising and how we customize your experience” has been added. We describe how we, our Operational Service Providers and Advertisers use your Personal Information and Non-Personal Information to deliver relevant, personalized and tailored advertising to you. Advertising support is our we are able to bring the free content, features and activities to you.

5. You will continue to receive personalized and customized advertising from Google Ad Sense, one of our Operational Service Providers. Your opt-out rights from Google have not changed. We have extended such opt-out rights to our own First Party personalized and tailored advertising and any other Operational Service Provider(s) that may use and share your Personal Information and Non-Personal Information for customized advertising.

If you have any questions regarding our revised TOU, Privacy Policy, and/or the GTI Copyright Complaint Procedures, please contact our Privacy Administrator at

Gray Television, Inc.
Attn: Mike Braun
VP Digital Media
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