5-year-old caught driving on his way to buy Lamborghini rides in one

5-year-old caught driving on his way to buy Lamborghini rides in one

OGDEN, Utah (KSL/CNN) - The 5-year-old Utah boy who got pulled over after taking off in his parents’ SUV sort of ended up getting rewarded for his mischief.

Adrian Zamarripa rides on a family member's lap as he takes a joyride in a Lamborghini. Jeremy Neeves offered to take him for a spin after hearing about the boy's effort to drive himself to California and buy one. (Source: KSL/CNN)

Adrian Zamarripa intended to drive all the way to California to try and buy a Lamborghini, presumably with the three dollars he had in his pocket

While he didn’t buy his dream car, he did get to ride in one after his story made headlines.

After hearing Adrian’s story, Jeremy Neves offered to show the boy what a real Lamborghini looks like. They squeezed into the two-seater and went for a ride around the block.

“This car’s fast! My Lamborghini’s fast,” Adrian said.

While Neves said he doesn’t want to encourage kids to take their parents’ car or “do anything else that’s illegal,” he said he sees some potential in Adrian, if pointed in the right direction.

“I’m absolutely inspired by the principles that he displayed of success, of knowing what he wants, going after it,” Neves said.

After the last couple of days, Adrian’s family said they were in need of the smiles. The family says people on social media are already on the offensive against them.

“We went through a lot of these past two days,” Adrian’s sister, Sidney Estrada, said. “Yesterday it was … we didn’t believe it. Today was even harder.”

They were grateful for Neves’s offer and the chance to find something positive in a big family scare.

“I'm happy that he got to experience this, despite everything that's happening,” Estrada said.

Police say no one was hurt in the incident and it’s up to the local prosecutor to decide whether to file charges against the boy’s parents, who had left him in his sibling's care while they were away from home.

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