Palisade pours revenue into Colorado wine industry's overflowing success

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PALISADE, Colo. -- A handful of wineries throughout Colorado participated in the first ever state wide barrel tasting event.

Winery representatives said the wine industry is booming across the state of Colorado as it continues to grow and bring in more revenue, each and every year.

According to an economy impact study conducted by CSU for 2012 -2013. When you add all of the jobs created from the wine industry and the grape growing community as well as tourism.

The wine industry in total brings in $144 million to the state and our local wineries certainly contribute to that, as well.

"Barrel tasting is a super awesome opportunity for people to try wine that are in progress for us," Kelly Hamilton said, from Red Fox Cellars.

It's a process that takes time and a special touch. An industry, that is unique to the western slope.

“It is a big deal. It’s really important for palisade and for the area for the growers here, we try to use as much local produce as possible," said Hillary Eales, assistant wine maker for Talon Wine Brands.

This weekend, 30 wineries across the state took part in a state-wide barrel tasting event -- showing that while you don’t think of wine country when you think of Colorado-- it certainly is a booming business.

"Palisade wine is getting recognized on the map everywhere, Palisade wine 20 years ago nobody wanted to hear about it. Today, it’s growing in every direction,” said John Belle Vie.

It’s this growing industry that has all eyes on the Grand Valley.

"We really take a lot of pride in coming out with a quality product, coming out with a wine that consistent that can actually compete with California wines and other states," added Eales.

According to a Colorado Association for Viticulture and Enology (C.A.V.E.) spokesperson, 25 years ago there were about five wineries in Palisade that number has now grown to over 20.

"The community has been very welcoming for us we can't thank them enough, whether its other wineries who have helped us out when we had questions or just need help with equipment or whatever it would be," Hamilton added.

Colorado has more than 140 wineries in the state and the C.A.V.E. spokesperson said that they are seeing an upward trend state-wide but especially in the Grand Valley.

"As an industry if someone comes to Colorado and they taste a bad wine they are more likely to reject all Colorado wines. So if we can help each other out and help each other improve wines,” Eales explained.

"The wine industry is booming and that's great of our economy,” said C.A.V.E. Spokesperson, Cassidee Shull.

The second weekend of the taste of spring event is May 7th and 8th and tickets are available to purchase for $25. In order to learn more about the event or buy tickets, click on the link on the right side of your screen.

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