Behind the scenes upgrades keep business booming for outdoor big screen

Published: Jun. 3, 2016 at 6:30 PM MDT
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A movie under the stars is hard to come by in 2016 with outdoor movie screens becoming a rare staple from the past across the country.

However Delta's drive-in movie theater has remained open after mass nation-wide shutdowns and it’s a strong player in the small town's economy.

An old treasure in Delta, it's one of six surviving drive in theaters in the state. Locals said they are proud to have one of the few outdoor movies screens which have been shutting down nationwide.

"It brings back so many memories and to do it with your new friends and your new family, it’s just such a tradition," Ashlee Davis recalled fond memories at this drive-in.

Some call it an honor.

"We are excited that we have it operating and be able to provide this service to the community," said Shon Wells, a Tru Vu employee, Delta native and former police officer.

The owner hopes to provide this experience to many movie-goers who don't always have access to a drive-in theater.

"Its amazing...Delta definitely needs it too, its helps our economy,” added Davis. “I love our small town and to know we have something so special and unique in Colorado makes us all so proud.”

Employees said the high expense transition, from film to digital projectors, was the reason for many drive-ins shutting down.

"Going from the old projectors to the new, the new projectors are very expensive. It was a big question that we had, but, Jeanie [the owner] knew that it was necessary to stay open," Wells explained.

"The picture quality is great and it makes it worth it," Brown continued.

Employees attributed nearly 60 years of success to the people, who buy an average of around 600 tickets on a full night.

"Drive-ins are fun people here in Delta and the surrounding communities know that and they have been great. That's why we are still here," continued Wells.

When you arrive at the theater you can turn your radio to 98.7 or hook the speakers up to your car windows.

"I feel really lucky for having one in Delta, it's pretty cool being able to just drive down the street in a small town and just be able to have some fun with friends," said Jacob Schatzal.

With Just under 400 locations drive in movie locations nation-wide, the Tru Vu Drive-In hopes to continue to serve the western Colorado community for many movies to come.

A rare sight now, but over 50 years ago there were over 4,000 drive-in theaters.

The Tru Vu drive-in theater is open seven days a week and movies begin at dusk.

For more information call 970-874-9556 or click the link on the right side of this screen.