CIty calls biogas project a huge success

Published: Jul. 14, 2017 at 7:41 PM MDT
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Cleaning city wastewater can be clean and green in more ways than one. Since 2015, the Persigo Wastewater treatment facility has been capturing its methane, a by product of cleaning our dirty water.

Officials have been able to convert that methane into a usable fuel for 62 city and county's vehicles.

It has also saved the city about $179,000 on gas.

The profits the water treatment facility is making means lower costs for water customers.

"We're replacing the amount of gas or diesel fuel the city and counter used to use with cleaner burning bio gas and in doing so we're reducing carbon emissions by 3 million pounds per year to the environment," said Dan Tunello, the wastewater services manager.

About 400 gallons of gas equivalent will soon be traveling from the treatment facility to a slow fill station for those city and county vehicles. The fuel station is open to the public too.