CMU debate discusses the future of the electoral college

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO News)-- Students at CMU and the community are weighing in on the electoral college and where its future stands. On Wednesday CMU held a public debate to encourage discussion and discourse.

“While I do think that it might be on the back burner in some people’s minds, it’s something really important to learn about,” says CMU faculty, Amara Hobbs.

It’s been a hot topic in Colorado. This year Governor Polis signed a bill giving Colorado's electoral vote to the winner of the national popular vote.

“We’re growing as a nation in general. I think there are some opportunities for changes or adjustments and I think we just really need to nail down and pinpoint what are those specific things,” says Hobbs.

But some aren’t as keen on changing the system.

“We would never see any candidates in Colorado if it were gone. They would go to Illinois, Ohio, New York, Florida, Texas and California. Those states alone are almost 50% of the population,” says CMU student, Evan Piper.

Back in early August the Coloradans Vote campaign collected enough signatures to give voters the option to repeal the law come November 2020. Some say that the National Vote Law would not be a national vote, and Colorado’s voice would be lost in the crowd.

“Colorado wouldn’t have much of a say it would be overruled, just by sheer statistics,” says Piper.

Though students say they are keeping an open mind, all things considered.

“The electoral college is a system that works within our government…I can see both sides. I think it could provide some more concrete information and some more concrete numbers,” says Hobbs.
“I’m really excited to have my views challenged on this and I may even change my mind,” says Piper.

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