City council announces passing of measures 2A and 2B

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO News)-- City council officially announced the passing of Measures 2A and 2B in Wednesday's general meeting.

2A asked folks to authorize bonds and increase city debt by $70 million to focus on road and infrastructure improvements.
2B focuses on changing the city's lease agreement for potential business from 25 to 99 years, specifically at Las Colonias Park. Officials say having a 25-year lease wasn't cost-effective or much of an incentive.

"We desperately need the infrastructure that 2A is built around. [For 2B] as we continue to try to diversify this economy to have a 99 year lease in Las Colonias Business Park as compared to 25, [it] just takes away the concern that financial institutions would have," says mayor Rick Taggart.

The city says that their engineering team will now start their work on the road improvements in 2A. Construction is estimated to start in 2021. For 2B the GJEP organization will start working with developers that have shown interest.

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