City council discusses vending machine tax exemption

Published: Jan. 13, 2020 at 10:10 PM MST
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City council is discussing whether or not they will continue their vending machine sales tax exemption for the coming years.

Back in 2014 the exemption was put into place by the city, prohibiting the majority of items bought at vending machines from being taxed. This ordinance had a three year span and has now ended. People in the city are now asking council to put that ordinance back into place permanently.

"I think the community has a right to ask us for that given the fact that it does cause for more administrative work when ours is different as a municipality from the county and state," says Grand Junction Mayor Rick Taggart.

The city says it's a pretty straight forward discussion, given the fact that they have passed the ordinance before.

City council plans to vote on this at a future date. We will continue to update this information.

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