Clerk claims staffing shortage, commissioners say she must fill spots before adding new ones

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO News)-- An investigation into the discovered dropbox ballots is now shedding light on a staffing shortage.

Clerk & Recorder Tina Peters has been saying she doesn’t have enough staff on her election team. She did not return our phone calls on Wednesday for comment, but in an interview from Tuesday night she explains what the investigator from the Secretary of State’s office told her:

“He’s looking at everything and says ‘Tina really the only thing that I can see here is that you just don’t have enough staff’. The administrator and the commissioners, we’re all working together to make sure that we’re fully staffed and that we have the expertise that we need to continue to run fair elections," says Peters.

According to Commissioner Scott McInnis, she currently has four unfilled spots on her election team. Peters has asked the county commissioners to double the size of her four person elections staff. But Commissioner Scott McInnis explains that Peters has to first fill the four open positions before she can add additional spots.

“Last year she asked for additional slots but she had some slots that weren’t yet filled. So the policy of the commissioners, and I think it’s probably been that way for a long time and I think it’s a pretty standard budget procedure, is that you fill the positions that are vacant first and then we grant additional positions,” says McInnis.

McInnis says he thinks it looks like the process of getting people in those open slots is working and he thinks she will be able to get them filled.
“The funds are not an issue, we have the resources. This is an important issue, it’s not a state of emergency,” says McInnis.

McInnis explains that he and the other commissioners are working with Peters, saying they are ready to offer assistance.

McInnis explains that there are personnel standards that have to take place when hiring employees but says this would be an expedited process for the situation at hand.

“The situation is not that there’s not an allocation for the positions, it’s finding the people to fill them. So finding the expertise that can man those particular jobs, is I think the challenge is right now. The challenge is not resources,” says McInnis.

Less than a week away from Super Tuesday, Peters has allegedly hired temporary workers to help her for Tuesday.

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